Code of Conduct for our suppliers

The following Code of Cunduct helps to ensure human working conditions. The suppliers of our clothes are required to sign and follow this code of conduct or display a corresponding separate document.

Compliance with laws

Suppliers must comply with applicable national and international legal provisions, in particular labor and social security laws. In addition, this Code of Conduct must be followed, which stipulates work rules and social rules based on ILO conventions, the UN Declaration of Human Rights, UN Covenants on the Rights of the Child and the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.

Information and communication

Suppliers shall make the Code of Conduct available to all employees and have a contact for questions regarding the Code of Conduct.

Inspection and review

Suppliers and manufacturers are aware that verification of the code of conduct can be done without prior notice.


A working week consists of no more than 48 hours and no more than 12 overtime hours. All workers are entitled to at least one work-free day of the week. Overtime is paid in accordance with applicable laws or what is accepted in the industry in the region, whichever is greater.

No child labor

All employees must be 15 years or older and may not be subject to public duty. Child labor is, of course, forbidden.

Forced labor

All employment must be based on free will and based on employment practices that comply with national laws.

Equal treatment

All employees should be treated fairly and equally. This means that no employee may be discriminated against or favored as a result of differences in political opinions, sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, age, social circumstances or position in the company.

Dignity at the workplace

Human worth is holy and must therefore be respected in the workplace. Bullying, physical or psychological compulsion and abusive methods are prohibited.

Employment contracts

Employees shall receive written agreement as documentation of their employment conditions, dates and signatures from both the employee and the employer.


The salary shall meet the employee's basic needs and never be less than the minimum wage specified in the legislation of the country in question. Employees must receive all benefits regulated by national law, such as insurance premiums, overtime payments, paid holidays and vacation. Illegal and unjustified payroll deductions and reduction of salary as a punishment are not allowed.

Work safety

Safety at the workplace must always be guaranteed. It is the employer's duty. In each case, all applicable provisions for occupational safety must be followed in the country in question. The same applies to the corresponding legislation on contact with hazardous substances. It is forbidden to use harmful chemicals. The same rules apply to the working environment regarding noise levels, fire, hygiene, ventilation, etc. and accommodation for employees when offered. There should be first aid and evacuation plans. In addition, all environmental protection measures must be followed.

Freedom of association

Workers are entitled to join the trade union or other labor organizations and also to collective bargaining under local law.


This is a simplified and abbreviated text of the Code of Conduct

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