Tina Jentzen på Luckimi @luckimibrand
If Luckimi was a real person, she would be a loving and adventurous woman with the heart in the right place, always there with some encouraging words, a helping hand and a smile.

Luckimi is my better self. She is brave, follows her dreams and sees the positive and good things in the world. We want to believe that our customers, amazing women and men, have the same cool attitude.

For a few years I have had a dream of starting something myself. I have had several serious ideas, but no one has felt as the right thing, until I had a brilliant idea one morning in the spring of 2017, which since then has not left my mind more than short moments. I wanted to start a clothing brand! Said and done. Now it's reality. It's very exciting! The road here has been very evolving, filled with work and awesomeness.

Luckimi is a playful and loving brand with high ambitions that never takes on too much seriousness. We want our customers to feel welcome and cared for.

Luckimi is a brand with heart and conscience. We safeguard quality, sustainability, fair manufacturing and donate to charity organizations that provide opportunities and conditions for a better quality of life. Read more about this here.

Tina Jentzen is the interior designer who started her own business and at the same time developed Luckimi brand to get to express her cute, cheeky and freedom-loving side. She wants to spread joy and encouragement in the world and pass on to others.

Tina has two daughters, 12 and 17 years old, and a husband who is all part of Luckimi in different ways. They live in a house south of Stockholm. Tina is educated at Konstfack, the university of arts, crafts and design, and loves to travel, paint, do yoga and take walks in the woods. She also loves the sea, interior design and vegetarian food. And of course fashion, family and friends. And lots of other things ...


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